Monday, March 24, 2008

Horseshoes and Cigars

Nothing beats reaching a goal. Nothing.

I have personally been hiding one goal in my back pocket--yes, yes, a tight squeeze, I know--and that has been to get a query sent off to a particular agent. This past weekend I got it done.

However, this goal was not on my list of things to do. It must have been tired of the lack of air and crawled out of the aforementioned pocket before making its way up onto my desk and staring me down.

No, my goal this weekend was to email a contest entry for which I had already mailed the entry fee. (That's the best way to make sure you enter; pay first. Talk about a deadline. Nothing speaks to me like a possibly wasted buck 'er two.)

Long story short, I turned this great way of self-deadlining into motivation to reach my big goal:
Even though my proposal wasn't perfect enough, it was close. Therefore, while I waited for an answer to a query, I could make it perfect. Automatic motivation.
My full ms isn't good enough, but while I wait for a reply on my proposal, I can make it good enough. Automatic motivation.

So, I will no longer put off those queries until I have my full ms polished. Doing that only gives me an excuse to wait for someday.

"Close, but no cigar"? Bull! This is horseshoes. CLOSE COUNTS.

(If you enjoy this blog, pass it on to a writer near you.)

Ainsley, in motivation mode, baby!

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