Monday, April 7, 2008

Couch Carrot Time

It's kinda like a couch potato, but you lie down...

My father is getting married. Remarried. Lost mother 31/2 years ago. You know it hasn't been long when people still use the 1/2.

Well, I'm fine with it. Really. He's been dating this woman for 3 years--without the half. We really like her. She's already part of the family.

Boring, huh? You're right, it is. However...

What a great opportunity to write some emotion. I need to sop it up and wring it out into a notebook to be used for some character down the line who won't be "fine" with a step parent at all. It doesn't matter what she's like. It's what she COULD be like is the stuff classics are made of. After all, the original Cinderella story was probably inspired by a day like this; "Found out today that Daddy is going to remarry. There is a chance she is nice..."

So split up. You on one side and You on another. One is the patient, one is the doctor. Patient on the couch. Now You say, "Tell me how you really feel."

Take great notes!
Doctor MacQueen

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