Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Three Year Threat

I am a snob.
Perhaps some of you knew that already, but this is news to me. Or perhaps my awareness of it comes and goes. If so, it has come again. I am a writer-snob.

Everyone is proud, in a way, of their personal writing process. For example, my all-or-nothing personality dictates my rituals. I must either be completely immersed in my story, or not give it much thought at all. Lately I have realized that the former is becoming more and more rare, and at this rate, I will finish my next book in about...three years.


I have been boycotting writing goals, thinking that would invite more late night manic mudslides of production. My mud, however, has been awfully dry of late. Dirt, really.

So, I've got a small trowel and bucket. Artistic Pride be damned.

Three years. Really!

Ainsley on the rebound


Enchante said...

Inspiration can be a hard thing. I am torn between writing and reading, and I can't seem to do both.

Find a muse.

I am using my blog as one.

good luck

Anonymous said...

Dear Enchante,
I found myself in the same dilemma and finally allowed myself about a year of unrestrained reading before I took up the pen again. I found I was a better writer for it.

LOVED your blogspot!


Cami Checketts said...

I've found I have to set goals or I really get nothing done.
Good luck with your mud!