Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I sure FEEL like I've lost a hundred pounds.

On April 15th I signed with a literary agent, and now I'm warring with some pretty bizarre feelings nearly a week later.

I've taken a can opener and pried the "aggressive writer" hat off my head. I've notified everyone with my query, partial, or full that all of my works have found representation. And BOY, wasn't that unreal, UNdoing all that work, then getting lovely notes from people who suddenly saw me differently.

I guess it's kind of like losing a whole lot of weight--people are happy to look me in the eye.

Is it unfair for people to avoid eye contact with overweight people? Of course it is. But is there anything, realistically, that can be done about it? I'd say, not short of jumping on the table and dancing around until they look at you.

My point, Nuwanda, is that unpublished writers are fat. Well, we're kind of invisible in the same way as those of us who take up a bit more space in the world. I've been dancing and singing on this table for quite a while now, and The Call came just in time. My arms were getting tired from waving. My voice was getting hoarse, and the taps on my shoes were no longer tapping, so much as dragging.

So I'm climbing down off the table, with the help of my new agent, Cori. The platform is all yours, and hopefully I won't be back to try and bump you off for another try.

Sing loud. Dance pretty. And good luck!



Melissa Mayhue said...

Big, big hugs my dear friend. I'm thrilled for you!!!

~ M

stanalei said...

So now the dance is to a different drummer. Enjoy the ride.