Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brilliance and Broccoli

Why the *bleep* are you reading this blog when you should be writing?

Procrastinating again?
Looking for inspiration without, when you should be digging around within?

Or have you earned the right to surf for a while? You've got time to kill, or you have something percolating that isn't yet ready to pour onto the page maybe?

I'll tell you, the best place for percolating, stewing, or reducing--as in, reduction, boiling down, concentrating into something pure--besides the in the bathroom.

The shower! I'm talking about the shower!

Steam cleans the senses. Think about it.
It awakens the skin, cleans your sinuses, washes away fragrance or odors from your hair, heightens awareness, and enlivens the brain. (Want a shock? Turn the knob to 'cold'.)

Leave those great ideas alone too long, and they'll mold, or wilt, or dry up and blow away. Grab them up before it's too late and steam 'em. Like broccoli, they may brighten up and really impress you.

I thought of the funniest thing this morning. I came out of the shower laughing my head off, and it had nothing to do with what I saw in the mirror. That was foggy anyway.

I'm just sayin', this morning, I was broccoli and brilliant.

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Lynn said...

I couldn't agree more.

My water bill is horrendous.