Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yes, I'm the conference quack.
Wait. I'm the soon-to-be-retired conference quack.
This will be the last year I will pull off the HEART OF THE WEST CONFERENCE in Park City. Our theme this time is "Out, out damned plot."
There are surprises in store, silliness galore, and enough VIP's to rub off an ambitious writer's elbows.

Please refer to the Kiss It and Send It Ceremony.

We have secret guests coming for our YA Fae Soiree and a secret guest coming for our 'Ophelia's Anti-depressant Chocolate Pond Party.' And since the KIASI Ceremony will be held near the pool, who can say how many of us will end up in the water...on a cool October evening? Good thing there will be hot chocolate in the pond...

Yeah. So come.
You can find details on .

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