Thursday, February 3, 2011

TIME TO WRITE--Or, immersing myself in Scottish rain

Let's say you've done the impossible; you've found time to write, your systems are all a 'go'. You're fed, hydrated, and you won't be interrupted for a while.


But how do you get started? How do you get into your current work in progress without going back to the beginning and reading all those brilliant words you've already written?

Well, I was wondering the same. I was ready, stoked. I even remembered where I'd left off and what I needed to do next. But I just couldn't do it. It was like getting out of bed when I didn't have to. The chances were slim. But that was crazy--writing was what I wanted to do! I was sure of it.

I needed to immerse myself, give myself no other option. I knew I'd forgive myself for whatever I did once I was in the zone. Then I thought...IMMERSE MYSELF.

I was trying to project myself to the Highlands of Scotland, to pick up a trail while it was still fresh. But like in the movie SOMEWHERE IN TIME, I was sitting in a 21st century home office. It was holding me back. There was just too much...air.

So I imagined water rising in my office, damaging nothing, but commanding my attention away from the business of social media, interior design, from Mr. Feng and Mr. Shui. The water warmed my feet, my aching knees, my fingers. As it covered my eyes, I stopped noticing the goals pinned to the wall, the hero's journey mapped out on the whiteboard.

When the room was full, I felt only the water against my skin, the pressure of its density on my chest. I closed my eyes and felt it on my lids. And I projected myself, and my water, to a bluff above a glen filled with nothing but heather. A walking path cut through the waving purple branches. And there, along the path, my heroine pulled the reins of her tired horse.

I hovered, there in my bubble of warm Scottish rain, and watched alongside the hero as she shortened the distance between us. Despite her own fatigue, she smiled as she trudged toward the bluff, pleased to have finally shrugged her pursuer. And he and I waited to see the look on her face when she would realize she was wrong.

And later, the difficult part was getting me back from Scotland. But my family is well-trained. They send a request for my company and attention, but don't hold their breaths while they wait for a reply. Only sometimes, the more devious ones leave a 1970's penny in my pocket...


Mary Martinez said...

Great post Lesli. I could visualize the water. And I love Somewhere in Time!

Thea said...

i, too, have found myself on the bonnie banks of loch lomand! great pep talk, Lesli!

Clancy said...

You are so visual - that was lovely!

Kerrigan Byrne said...

Consider yourself "followed" my dear. Quid pro Quo and all that.

A FANTASTIC POST! I find myself in this VERY spot many many times. I'm going to try "Immersing myself" more often.

J. Coleman said...

"Somewhere in Time..." An old favorite. Great usual.

Marie Higgins said...

Love this!! Did a hunky Scottish man enter your dream? Dang, that would have been the icing on the cake, huh? lol


stanalei said...

The power of the mind... and the will. Thanks for sharing, I've been inspired.

Sandy said...

Loved it.
Thanks Lesli, it's just what I needed.

Sheereen said...

What great imagery. I loved it.

Diane Stoddard said...

Nice. =) Your medieval Scotland is prettier than my medieval England.