Sunday, December 11, 2011

GIANT FOOTPRINTS--what the end of the world can do for me

It works for fictional characters, doesn't it? Impending doom gets them moving, doing the thing that must be done. So why don't we use it too, especially since we have a unique opportunity to scare ourselves into motion?

I'm referring to December 21st of 2012. If you've lived in a cave, go here. The end of the world is on the calendars of so many, let's use it. Let's write it on the walls of our offices. But maybe we could call it 'F' Day. (No, not that.) 'F' would stand for Freedom, Fulfillment, or better yet, FOOTPRINT.

I know FOOTPRINT is a bad word in environmental circles, but I'm talking about our FOOTPRINT on humanity. I realized a while ago that I write to prove I was here. I don't want to slip from this life into the next and just be forgotten. I want all have meant something. I want to make it nearly impossible for people to forget me, including those who will wish they could.

So join me, won't you, in making this year count. Leave a footprint. Make it permanent. Let's realize our major goals this year. If your goals are out of your hands, then take them back. We can use the momentum of the countdown for our own purposes, but the world will count down with us. How exciting is that?

When F-Day comes, I want a footprint like Godzilla's. One in which you can fit a hundred Matthew Brodericks.


Tiffinie Helmer said...

Yes! Love it. I want my footprint to be the fatest part of me. Funny that the end of the world ends on the solistice. We must celebrate.

Sandy L. Rowland said...

Inspiring post!
We all want to count.
My husband and I were just discussing this. There are many ways to leave that giant footprint, but no one can create one just like yours.

Thank you for spurring me on to making mine visible.

Diane Darcy said...

Lol! I don't see it! Where is it? I don't see it! Great post. =) We all want to make a difference.

J. Coleman said...

That may have been my actual footprint. A dainty size "gigantic." I hope to make my career as such. Yes, I'm with you. 2012 - not the end, but the beginning of something amazing. Thanks Lesli

Kacey Mark said...

Great post and I agree. Let's leave behind out best impressions!

Cindy Nielsen said...

You inspire me!
2012 is going to be awesome!