Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So, here's the deal.
I'm getting old and want to see what the hell I'm reading, so you'll have to put up with larger type.

For those of you who are wondering what will be coming out and when, here are the current pans in the fire. I usually have 
one project in creation stage=still writing the first draft,
one project in revision,  
one project in the hands of editors, and 
one project being prepped for launch.

As of this moment:
Creation: Wicked Enough (novella--Ivy and Wickham's story) 
               & also, Bones for Bread
Revision: Not Without Juliet
Editors: nothing 
Prepping for launch: Christmas Kiss (this should be on virtual bookshelves by October 8th)

I'm dancing as fast as I can. Thanks to all you readers who are waiting, both patiently and impatiently. I've been told by my editing staff that Christmas Kiss is uber cool! So, we've got that going for us!


Caffey said...

Thank you for all you do and the joy reading your books! I'm having a great time and so excited about your new release and second ROMEO! Cathie

Caffey said...

P.S. Your site looks fab!

L.L. Muir said...

Cathie, you are my favorite reader. Ever.

Sorry, all you other readers, you'll have to fight over second place.