Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Dear Writer,

So here you are. Stuck in traffic. All those places to go in your mind, and in your story, and you can't move. No problem.
Say it. "No problem."
If the vehicle is blocked in on all sides, you always have an option. You can walk.

So, let's walk.

The tip for today is to take a step back from technology and rely on yourself.
Get a pen. Find a notepad. No, it's alright, you can type it all up later. People used to walk this way all the time. Some still do. Silly, I know.

So, we're walking...we're walking...NO! Do not take this opportunity to run to the nearest office supply for the perfect notepad! Yes, you may take a moment to find a decent pen. And we're walking...we're walking...What was it you were supposed to write about? Oh, yeah.

Apply the messy end of the pen to the paper and rub. It's alright if it's garbage for a paragraph or two. Remember, even the greatest athletes warm up. That's right. You remember, now.

You're good.


AJ said...

Hey Ainsley,

Nice post. ;o) Been awhile since I've be active on Brutal Honesty. Why?


Writer's Block. Never had it before. Your post here is a nice reminder to step back and change how a writer is working the story. Some refer to it as a change in venue. ;o)

Thanks for the reminder.

Aithne Jarretta
Paranormal Romance Author
Feed Your Romantic Spirit ~ Indulge in the Magic

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Grace Tyler said...

Hon, you are so cute!

I'm going to have to visit more often.

Phyllis Campbell said...

Writer's block is bad...but not finding the time is worse. LOL Although what you said makes a lot of sense. We have to keep 'warming up', don't we?


stanalei said...

Fun comments and great reminders to mix it up and keep the muse in motion.