Sunday, November 25, 2007

Your Holiday Excuse

You won't find your holiday excuse here. Shame on you if you thought to use one.

Don't waste these sensory filled days. If your ms lacks "setting", what better time to remind yourself of the poetry of SMELLS, heat and cold, lighting, TASTE, sounds that trip memory...

Set yourself down in the middle of your lackluster scene. You know the one. It's the scene you hate to work on because it doesn't excite you. If it 's relevant, necessary, then enhance the setting with the visceral material around you today. It doesn't need to be a holiday scene for the smell of cinnamon to line the roof of your character's mouth, etc. Your character's goosebumps tickling the backs of her arms can be from the AC and not from returning to an icy house after a long day of holiday shopping. You get the idea.

Don't forget to give yourself the gift of writing time.
The emotionally charged atmosphere of the holidays is ripe for the pillaging.
Go forth. Pillage.

Happy Writing Holidays,


Grace Tyler said...

I know it's easier to write a blockbuster (pardon the pun) email or blog entry, but do you EVER get writer's block?

Another vivid entry to your blog.

Phyllis Campbell said...

You know it, girl. I can write what it feels like to be stuffed like the turkey. heheeeheee