Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gray Matters and Water Balloons

I was recently whining to my friend and fellow writer--let's call her Kim Finnegan--about what an event packed year this is going to be for me.

The problem, I told her, is that in the middle of all this drama, I am having inspiration dropped on my head like a bunch of water balloons from a balcony above. How unfair for it to happen now, when pens and time run from me.

Her insight has put Eyore back in his place but good.

She said "The more you use your brain, the more it will work for you." Wow. Anyone else think about the movie "Phenomenon"? I got visions of my brain firing and parts near the hot spots warming up as well.

My conclusions? I will not begrudge how busy I am when that schedule is accompanied by water balloons. I will lift my face to the little buggers on the balcony and enjoy the bath.

( I will also buy a tape recorder today.)

I will pass on Kim's eloquent warning, too.

"Don’t over do and burn out. When you get your breaks…rest. It ‘s not just the notes, but the space between the notes that makes the symphony beautiful."

Ain't she a poet?

Thanks Kim



Phyllis Campbell said...

That Kim woman is one smart chick, isn't she? Good advice. I think I was given the same when I was President and started having stress in my life. Yup, it works!!

~Phyllis Marie~

stanalei said...

Ah Lesli, I have to give credit where credit is due. I first heard the advise about rest from my martial arts sensei over 20 years ago. Getting it right is a life long journey for me.
Thanks for passing along the hope.