Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh, bouyancy!

I was reading a friend's blog today and was inspired.

At the end of the blog, she gives a short list of positive things to be, and I finally have a definition for my personality; I am buoyant.

Before some of you (Lisa Water Closet, et al) fall onto the floor and lose your grip, I am not speaking of the fact that I find it physically impossible to drown!

I refer, rather, to my attitude in general. I wouldn't call myself optimistic. What fun would that be? You can't enjoy sarcasm with those rose-colored glasses on.

But I'm not a total pessimist, either. Although my head goes under every now and then, I tend to bob back. I'm buoyant. It is the more liquid equivalent of bi-polar, perhaps, but I tend to linger longer on the upswing. The size of my...egos... keep me up there, I guess.

(I thought this would be a bit of a bandaid for that last "piss or get off the pot" post.)

The Chronically Buoyant Ainsley

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