Friday, April 6, 2012


The most recent addition to the Muir Witch collection--a set of identicals, no less--is currently exploring the house of L.L. Muir. Every nook. Every cranny. Every pot, pan, and wooden spoon. The dog is hiding, smart thing.

I believe in my bones that my dearly departed grandmother, (Lorraine, by the way) stands on the other side of The Veil (between Heaven and Earth), peeking down and giggling. She was the daughter of a twin, the mother of twins, and I believe she and Grandpa Muir have been responsible for the uncanny number of twins in my extended family--all born, coincidentally, by the oldest daughters. I'll try to think of an appropriate way to thank them by the time I am called to the other side, but I'll try to refrain from blessing my descendants with duplicates.

Taylor and Taytum have recently turned two and concluded that we are all here for their entertainment and snack production.L.L. Muir

Word production on the current manuscript has come to a screeching halt.

I myself feel a holy crap decade coming on.
Heaven help us all.

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Melissa said...

My boys (twins) are 11. You'll survive. Whether it will be with your sanity or not is debatable. HA! :D