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YA GUEST BLOGGER!--The Book of Your Heart

Welcome Mari Mancusi to WRITERSBLOCK BUSTER!

She's talking about SKATER BOY and the book of YOUR heart.

SKATER BOY: The One that Got Away...

You always have that one book you've written. The book of your heart. Maybe it's a little autobiographical. Maybe it just reminds you of a simpler time. Whatever the reason, when you flip open this particular book, it just makes you smile.

Skater Boy, is like that for me. My first ever young adult novel, originally published in mass market paperback in 2005. Even though I didn't love the cover (which was made to resemble the popular iPod advertisements of the time) I felt there was something special inside. Maybe it's because it has a little bit of my own story, wrapped up in fiction.

Yes, one of my very first loves was a skateboarder. One my parents didn't approve of. And though our relationship didn't have a happily ever after and I now admit my parents were probably right, I always managed to retain a soft spot for those rag tag boys and their boards. So maybe it isn't surprising that the book still holds a special space in my heart.

Unfortunately now it's long out of print and hard to find. And when librarians or readers ask about it, I've had to shrug my shoulders. Heck, even the wife of my former boyfriend found me online to ask about obtaining a copy. (Which was, um, a bit awkward to say the least!)

But good news! Thanks to digital publishing, Mrs. Skateboarder and all the rest can finally read the book again. With a hot new cover that I adore and updated pop culture references to align with the times. (My husband calls me George Lucas for always updating my old books. (There are actually 3 different versions of Boys that Bite and Stake That if you read closely!) He thinks the books should be a moment in time. I, however, prefer to keep things fresh!)

In any case, now the book of my heart, the one I thought had turned to paperback pulp forever, is now breathing new life online. And I'm able to share my favorite story with brand new tween and teen readers who weren't old enough to check it out the first time around. And bonus--with self-publishing, I can do it for a bargain price, avoiding the traditional publisher overhead.

We're living in a thrilling time for publishing. It's a little scary, with things changing so fast. But it's a little awesome, too. Five years ago, an author was powerless, her books disposable at the whims of bookstores and publishers. And so many stories died forever, after only a few months on the shelves.

Digital publishing changes all that. Now old stories can come back to life. Authors can take charge of their careers. And readers can only benefit, with a wider selection of material to choose from. And that, to me, seems like a true happily ever after.


PS No, I'm never letting my daughter date a skateboarder.

SKATER BOY is available for $3.99 on Amazon, B&N, iTunes
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