Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Picturesque Cannonball

What I love is a huge chunk of time dipped in chocolate and presented on a miniature pedestal plate. Guilt free and unrepentant, I like to completely lose track of time, space, and my own existence.
But how many pages can I generate on those five rare days per year?
Not much!
So, like other writers before me, I must take a swimming lesson. (Yes, before we took a walk...I get it. Just stay with me.)

You know you love to swim. You do. It may have been quite some time since you allowed the world to view you in a bathing suit, or even a wet tee shirt over a bathing suit--for those of you who know me, try to avoid the mental picture. In any case, we all love to swim, it is like flying, only in water instead of air. Who could possibly dislike that?

Well, it's not the swimming we dislike, or even the public picture we supply, but the PLUNGE.
We know it's going to be a shock and we avoid it, even though we know our bodies will adjust and the water will soon feel warm.

I liken this reluctance to using short moments to write. Oh, sure, we can all jump online and write a few emails--or blogs--and feel that blood pumping into our fingers, reintroducing them to the placement of the letters on the keyboard. We can even get a modest rush from a quip sent out into the universe, but that is not writing, working.

Were you a writer today? Writers write, right? So did you? Have you? Something that counts? Something with a WORD count? No?
Well, at least you admit it. The first of a 12 step program, and all that.

"Hello, I am Ainsley MacQueen, and I haven't written a bloody word today. In fact, forgive me, Writer, for I have sinned. I cannot call myself a writer today"....but the day's not over yet.

I am going to take the plunge. I have a mere 30 minutes before my husband will stomp in here and demand that I come to bed, so I am going to cannonball. No time to acclimate my silly toes, no chocolate, no ambiance. No going back a few pages to build up my speed. Damn the cold. It won't last long. One quick lap around the pool. Opening the file now....splash!

Come on in, the water's fine. But hurry, the pool closes soon, and you will wish you had!

Soon-to-be-dripping-so-don't-look Ainsley

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