Sunday, December 16, 2007

I am a writer today

Today is the anniversary of the day I first began writing Romance. I had just finished reading what I believed was the last available book written by Julie Garwood. In only a few months' time I had become addicted to Scottish Historicals and when I foolishly believed that supply had run dry, I concluded I would have to begin cooking from scratch.

I sat down with a few empty notebooks and three weeks later I naively wrote the words "The End." I had around 60,000 words after it was typed up, and had no idea what to do next. Thanks to a little inspired googling, I found the local RWA chapter, went to one meeting, then signed up for the conference the following month. I have been the happiest in my life since then.

The other day, the program went down at work and suddenly I had nothing to do but write. In about three hours I had produced 2000 words and that old rush came back. I remembered how much I relished diving into another world, blocking out the everyday mundane, and creating something gut wrenching and beautiful.

I want more. I can't wait for New Years for resolution. There is a hungry reader out there waiting for a satisfaction I can supply. What a shame if I gave it all up.

Gave it up? Are you kidding?
I am a writer today, tomorrow, and everyday I get out of bed. And since there will be very few days in my life when I would be allowed to stay under the covers, I will be a writer always. Because let's face it, if we were lying there in bed for hours and hours, we're bound to have some fantastic scene unfold in our heads and we'd find some way to jot down the "gist" so we didn't forget.

EMBRACE THE ADDICTION! Let's both be writers today.


1 comment: said...

I love your little motivational pushes! You're absolutely order to be the writer we want to be, we have to actually sit down and write!!!

Have a wonderful writing day!

~ Melissa Mayhue