Saturday, December 29, 2007

Make It a Good Kiss

For those of you who did not reach a goal or two in 2007, I beg you not to consider the year to have been spent in vain. Consider the particulars you have learned this year and how they have affected your writing. If you are like me, the difference in your writing from last January to this is the difference between liking roses and growing them.

I am now quite the gardener:

1. I have only this year learned the definition of head-hopping, and deepening points of view.
2. I have learned how to work intensely with a critique partner.
3. I have had the "flash drive" breakthrough which has moved me a decade closer to understanding the technology at my disposal.
4. I have learned why you never send a second draft to an agent, no matter how anxious she is to see it. Especially before going through it with the aforementioned critique partner.

So on my trip to the New York Big House, I have put another state behind me. You can't just get there from Utah without covering some distance, you know. Unless some fairy godmother gets you there by cheating. (I do know some cheaters, by the way.)

So kiss 2007 goodbye, but make it a good kiss. It was well worth your time.

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