Monday, February 20, 2012


You remember the movie THE TRUMAN SHOW?

What we thought was the horizon was only a wall camouflaged by the publishers, part of the magical cage we all chose to live in because we were taught it was the only way to be happy, fulfilled writers. Well, someone found the door in the sky, and the writers are all escaping.

The agents, planted among the cast to keep the writers distracted, don't have many left to work with. But there are some. Does this mean it would be a great time to get an agent's attention? Probably. An editor's attention? Probably.

What you need to know is, the games are live.

There are two of them.
Which game are you going to play? Personally, L.L. Muir is playing them both. But first, I'm going for the bow and arrows! Proof here.
It doesn't really matter as long as you know the rules and payoffs for both.
But be careful about what you sign; you may have more leverage than you thought. You might be the only actor left on the lot. But you'll never know if you're not keeping up.

Unlike The Hunger Games, you won't be risking your life if you take some time to view the pile, look at your options, seize your best opportunities.


Tiffinie Helmer said...

YEAH, BABY!! Watch out, I'm a major multi-tasker. I'm taking on BOTH.

Sandy L. Rowland said...

I agree, don't give up on anything just yet.
Plant your seeds and see what comes up. A great post.

Melissa said...

Enjoyed this post. How do I follow you on Twitter? Ashley Barron's link for you isn't working. I'm @MelissaMaygrove